Saturday, January 7, 2012

Semester One

I'd like it to be known that my lowest grade from my first semester of college was a B. Average, I know, but keep in mind that I used zero textbooks. Where are my textbooks, you ask? Welp, they got stolen in September, and I'm pretty sure one of the cartels has them. I'll probably run into them on my mission.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few items of business

First off, I received my mission call. Where am I going? Well, everyone that reads this already knows me, but just to reiterate, I am headed to the Texas McAllen mission, speaking Spanish. Am I excited? You'd better believe it. I'm about to wet myself with excitement.
My mission covers the southern part of Texas, the part that kind of juts down from the rest of Texas. Out of 106,000 people in McAllen, 80,000 are Hispanic, and somewhere around 20,000 are White.

Anyway, here are things that have concerned me lately.

Hesh Sweaters.

During my senior year of high school, it seemed like dressing like a crack addict living on the streets became quite popular. I totally forgot about this until this last week, when I happened upon a few troubled teens wearing sweaters. These sweaters are a cross between an alpaca herder's poncho, an ugly Christmas sweater, and a wool pullover from the 90's. Quite hideous. I took a break after the word hideous to search a little more and discovered that they are called 'Baja Shirts'. Here they are:

I think the picture speaks for itself. It's like the Peruvians and Hipsters got together and thought: what's the ugliest thing we could sell the most of? And thought up this little gem.

Running People

It's cold out, so people are taking their active lifestyles indoors. Some of these people choose the Dell as one of those places. There are several varieties of active people in my book. There's skiers, who are outdoors this time of year. There are rock climbers, who are most likely at Momentum. There are swimmers, who are always at the front desk complaining that there is no room in the pool for them to be active. And then there are running people. I'm not talking about people who run to work out, I'm talking about people who post their daily mile time on Facebook, have lingo for running, always have shin splints, and act like they're better than people who don't run. I'm talking about the cross country and track kids in high school, who carried their 'spikes' (expensive running shoes that normal people can't buy) around their necks, crunched on their carrots and peapods as loud as they could to remind everyone how much healthier they are than them, and think they look cool in short shorts. These people always found a way to work the following into a conversation: "I run a four minute mile." To that, I would respond: "I don't own running shoes."

Yeah, Texas.